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"You were given a tongue - if it doesn't taste right - then Report It To US!"
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Please Read This Entire Page Carefully!

The Consumer Abuse - Protection Agency operates solely as a separate and independent entity. In other words, we are not combined whatsoever (secretly) with any other sites we report on, giving them an advantage. It is vitally important for us to maintain our independence for the purpose of performing our tasks objectively, and most of all accurately.  Initially we report on "Internet Personal" dating sites, as well as other "Commercially Web-Based" sites. We also, include "Positive Reporting" on businesses that are Incredible/Outstanding and fortunately can be trusted and undoubtedly beneficial to you. We are here to "look out" for the consumer, and that is precisely what we intend to do!

Note: Be aware of "Internet Dial-Up Services" that offer you a 30 day "Free Trial Guarantee", yet then refuse to give you a refund within that same... first 30 day period! (An outrageous underhanded way to conduct business!) I have personally encountered one so far, specifically with XPRES.COM. IXPRES.COM is out of San Diego California. This company took me for $100, and I personally would never trust them ever again!

If you have problems with Internet Sites in your area, be sure to report it to the local Better Business Bureau  e.g., the same exact city and state where that particular business company is actually located.

Our Negative Reports:

 |  Internet Dating Site - Investigations  |

 | Received 70 Email Worm Viruses (e.g., through iPowerWeb.com) |

| IXPRESS.COM - DialUp - Not Trusted! |

(The following links below - with this star are presently under construction!)

| Sears Master Card  (e.g., City Bank - Not Trusted?) |

|Internet Dial-Up - IXPRES.COM - San Diego, CA  (e.g., Not Trusted!) | Feature Price - Hosting  (e.g., Not Trusted?) |

Why Are We Having To "Baby Sit" Major Companies?  (e.g., Their Accuracy!) |

 |Websites Offering Free Credit Card Processing & Free Merchant Accounts - Asking for your "SS" Number?  |

Our Positive.Reports:

(The following links below - with this star are presently under construction!)

| Performance Nissan - Everett, WA.  (e.g., Recommended!)  Comcast Cable TV & Internet  (e.g., Recommended!) |

| Everett Health Care Clinic - Everett, WA (e.g., Highly Recommended!)  |

| John's Sporting Goods - Everett, WA (e.g., Recommended!)  |


|  Internet Dating Site Investigations  |

If you have been led into things by smooth lure's or scams and feel you have been abused by any particular love connection or match-making website, we will make our best effort to verify those problems and report them in our special media reports for public review.

We primarily report on business web sites (those used for love connection ads and personals) that we feel abuse most consumers in some way over the internet. This includes businesses especially who send spam email, and/or sly means using bait and switch tactics in order to ultimately get you to give them your credit card information. As far as we are concerned, these sites should beyond any doubt, let the consumers know "up front" what the deal really is! Please READ the consumer letter below, concerning this issue!

The best way we've found to offer you protection, is to warn you in advance... to carefully read the "Terms Of Use Policy", before signing up on... any dating/match making site!

Do not - get caught - in this trap!

Here is JUST ONE LETTER we received concerning the "Bait and Switch Tactic's" used by various Dating Sites! Consumers are constantly being caught in this very same Credit Card Trap by NOT carefully reading the site's "TERMS OF USE POLICY"... FIRST !

Letter Received:  Sunday, February 29, 2004

After this lady found herself already in "The Trap", she wrote us the following:

"I have located several charges to my Wells Fargo Bank card going back four months so far. I have yet to investigate back further, but I suspect this has been going on for up to a year.  I have been charged $24.95 on the 23rd of every month by first, Udate.com, then Kiss.com.  I may have visited such a site but have never paid for either one. If I remember correctly I had to give a credit card number to do a free trial.  I obviously missed something because I have no idea when I last visited either of those sites.  Even after I found out (today) about these charges, I did not go to the website because I have no clue what my user name or password would be.  Don't know if I even created one."

"What action can I take to get my charges refunded?  How can you stop this kind of thing from happening?"

Thank you
(Gave her name)
San Francisco, CA
(And her phone number)

Think, learn, be prudent... before giving your credit card information to anyone!!!

Here is one of the latest "Bait and Switch" Emails!

----- Original Message -----
From: Kelly ( Kelly@secretadmirer.biz )
To: (Sent to me!)
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 2:57 PM
Subject: Intimacy

Hey you!. It's me Kelly,

I thought that i was catching you on the other site guess not.
Well honey long time no see. I was hoping to find you soon so i can
make a little date with you (my hubby is out of town all week). Yipee.

I have been getting pretty worked up over this new site. It is
full of horny guys and gals just like us. Just wanted to let you know you can
hit me up on this site to make our next date (Don't worry its free to signup).

Click here for IWantYou personals -- My username is Kelly69

See ya Soon,


"Opt In Promotions" was one the evident backer's of the above email!  And somewhere behind the scenes IWANTU.COM is copyright by "MANA Internet Solutions", who is undoubtedly behind the whole entire "bait and switch" email thing! You may find this interesting... Kelly, seemingly unrelated by the sound of her email... has an email address of: Kelly@secretadmirer.biz  and if you bring up the web address of: http://www.secretadmirer.biz - Guess What!!! You get the same exact website as IWANTU.COM !!! So  you see... Kelly (if that is actually anyone real) is  really working for MANA Internet Solutions! It's easy to see this "bait and switch tactic" if you investigate a little!

At the very bottom of Kelly's email, there was the banner below.

Here is something you may have missed in IWANTU.COM'S terms of use policy... "You acknowledge and understand that all memberships purchased online are automatically renewed every month." This means, if you just pay for a month and think that's it.... think again! They will bill you every month thereafter... without even letting you know!

Again, we are warning you in advance to carefully read all the "Terms Of Use Policies"!

We report and may recommend certain sites we feel are well put together, and are reasonable and fair to the consumer. Especially for those consumers who are elderly in age, who need to find a mate and who have limited incomes. (There are NO fair and reasonable sites to report at this time.)

Has now went out of business and...
left all it's Lifetime Paid Members hanging...
without any Refund or... Explanation!

Read about  MEET-NET.COM

Help get the word out! Help us protect your rights as a consumer. Please copy and paste our "logo Animation" (below) on your website and link it back to the following address:  http://consumerabuse.org Would you please email us at Admin@consumerabuse.org  and let us know where our small banners are being placed? Thanks so much for supporting our Consumer Abuse - Protection Agency. Remember, we are here for YOU!

In your best interest, it is our future intention to obtain special links to our C.A.P.A. site, on websites such as CNET.COM Internet Services, and other Major Internet Service Networks such as MSN.COM's main page.


The Consumer Abuse - Protection Agency Staff

Altair Walker - Owner 

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C. A. P. A. is a division of Royal*Star Productions, and is primarily a web based reporting agency!
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