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iPowerWeb.com Hosting - Negative Report!

"You were given a tongue - if it doesn't taste right - then spit it out... to US!"
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I'm happy to say: "My computer has been fortified with McAfee's VirusScan and FireWall."
However, more than 70 viruses were sent to me in one 12 hour period!
These Viruses were sent through- iPowerWeb.com's email program's server!

I have personally asked iPowerWeb.com's staff to put some sort of "Warning" on their email program, so that users may be forewarned that they may receive emails containing viruses, unless they take certain precausions!
To this date, I have not seem any such warnings or precausions posted by iPowerWeb.com Hosting Company.

Fortunately, I already had McAfee Virus Scan working for me!
Watch Out For This Kind Of Emails Arriving On Your PC !!!
The email below is not only phony, but when it was received, it had a VIRUS attached! These hacker criminals found a way to fool mostly everyone into believing their email server was "down" for a few days, and may have clicked on the file ATTACHED! Notice the FROM: noreply... and this email WAS NOT from the Royalstar7.com team WHATSOEVER!!! I checked this out carefully, and Royalstar7.com certainly DID NOT send this email to themselves... (below) with a VIRUS attached!!!

(This email came through the iPowerWeb.com Hosting Company's email server, but did not originate from them!)

More to come on this subject, so stay tuned!

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C. A. P. A. is a division of Royal*Star Productions, and is primarily a web based reporting agency!
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